Johnson County is located in the extreme northeastern corner of Tennessee. It is shaped like an ancient arrowhead pointing in a northeastern direction. Virginia is to the north and North Carolina is to the east of Johnson County. Mountain City is the county seat. It is located in the center of the county in a large valley between the Iron and Stone Mountain Ranges. The Doe and Dry Run Ranges are to the southwest of Mountain City, and the Forge Mountain Range is to the northeast. You may reach Mountain City by taking Highways 421, 91, or 67. Mountain City is approximately 3 1/2 miles across at its extreme.

The land of Johnson County varies between flat valleys and steep mountains. The county has 249,600 acres or 273 square miles of land. The extreme dimension of Johnson County is 24 miles. The Watauga River is the dividing line from a short distance between Johnson and Cartier Counties in the south. The Watauga Lake is also a boundary line in the southern part of the county. The Iron Mountain divides Johnson and Carter Counties in the southwest. In the west Johnson County is divided from Sullivan County by the Holston Mountain Range. Virginia is to the north, The Forge Mountain Range divides Johnson County in the northeast. Stone Mountain is the boundary between Johnson County and North Carolina.


Johnson County is in the Appalachian Mountain chain. The elevations in the county range from 1800 to 5000 feet above sea level. The elevation of Mountain City is 2350 feet above sea level. Mountain City has the highest elevation of any city in Tennessee. The highest point in Johnson County is Snake Mountain at an elevation of 5574 feet above sea level. Snake Mountain is located in the Stone Mountain Range which parallels the eastern border of the county. Two other prominent ranges run in a northeast to southwest direction through the county. One is the Iron Mountain Range. The Iron Mountain Range enters the county at the northern boundary line next to Virginia and continues through Johnson County to Watauga Lake. It divides Carter and Johnson Counties in the southwestern part of the county. Holston Mountain Range is the other large range in the county. It is the northwestern boundary between Sullivan and Johnson Counties. Three smaller ranges in our county are Dry Run, Doe, and Forge. These are all between the Stone and Iron Mountain Ranges. The Doe Mountain Range in completely in Johnson County and is approximately 12 miles long.


Johnson County is home to a growing industrial base that takes advantage of its strategic location and its dedicated workforce. Several national companies, including defense contractors as well as textile manufacturing and other companies, have chosen Johnson County as their home base. Other industry segments include health and medical devices, trucking, raw materials and machining. Because Johnson County is situated in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, another growing sector is outdoor recreation and agri-tourism.
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Laurel Elementary 423-727-2685

Mountain City Elementary 423-727-2621

Roan Creek Elementary 423-727-2689

Shady Valley Elementary 423-739-2422

Johnson County Middle School 423-727-2600

Johnson County High School 423-727-2620

Johnson County Board of Education423-727-2640

Fire Departments

Doe Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Dry Run Volunteer Fire Department

First District Volunteer Fire Department

Neva Volunteer Fire Department

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Shady Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Trade Volunteer Fire Department
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