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In 1930 Maymead Lime was the first privately owned industry to base in Johnson County. In 1960 the Leco Corporation opened hiring 161 women. The next industry, the Melville Slioe Corporation, came in 1966. This began a trend of industries moving into and out of the county. Today Johnson County has many industries which include the textile, woodworking, timber, ball bearing, and film salvaging industries. The Northwest Correctional Center, a division of the Tennessee Correctional Department, houses over 1,000 inmates and supplies 350 jobs in the county. These combined industries have a work force totaling approximately 1577 employees  
Company Product Number of Employees Production Rate
Craftline Wood Products wood furniture, outdoor furniture, bird feeders and houses, swings 93 12,000 units weekly
Custom Crate and Pallet Company customized pallets 19
Film Processing Corporation, Inc. recording film 109
Maymead Company agricultural and asphalt 74 varies seasonally
Mountain City Lumber hard and soft wook sawing 50 18 million feet per year
N N Ball and Roller, Inc. stainless steel ball bearing 55 31,000 pounds daily
National Textiles ring spun yarn 367 1,400,000 pounds monthly
Northwest Correctional Center prison 422 1000 inmates
Phoenix Medical Products disposable medical testing equipment 69
Rainbow Paper Products, Inc. paper bags and gift wrap 15
Shelby Elastics elastic 24 2,000,000 feet weekly
Shoun Lumber Company saw mill 38
Shoun Trucking Company haul lumber 9